Activ Retinol 0.5 Intense Anti-Age Serum

Activ Retinol 0.5 Intense Anti-Age Serum

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Quick Overview

  • Intense anti-ageing serum 

  • Anti-wrinkle active: 0.5% Retinol Complex

  • Antioxidant actives: 1% Pure Vitamins C & E

  • Energizers: Essential Minerals

  • Skin restoring Ceramides and Cholesterol 

  • Hydrating actives: Panthenol and Allantoin


Supports the natural cell regeneration process and reduces the appearance of signs of skin aging. Recommended for loss of skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines and dull complexion. A unique combination of high performance actives including skin restoring ceramides and cholesterol, hydrating actives Panthenol and Allantoin and energizers containing essential minerals. 

Apply to the face and neck in the evening after using Dermaceutic cleanser. Then follow with Dermaceutic Hyal Ceutic

0.5% Retinol Complex, 1% Pure Vitamins C & E

1% Retinol Complex
Repairs and protects damaged and dry skin. Stimulates the renewal of skin cells (basal layer) and regulates the migration and transformation of keratinocytes.

1% Pure Vitamins C & E
With renowned antioxidant properties, this combination of vitamins combats the signs of photo-ageing and limits their appearance.

Retinol is a potent tool in treating photo-aged skin and may cause some irritation and sun sensitivity. so it is important to apply it at night and increase usage slowly and follow instructions.If you do experience any temporary mild irritation or flaking, either reduce frequency or increase additional hydrating/calming products to minimize the side effects. Don't forget to always apply a high sunscreen daily. Do not use if pregnant/breast feeding. Don't use products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA's), Salicylic Acid and Retinols if taking Roaccutane and for up to a year after you have stopped taking it

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