DMK Super Bright Cream 60ml


DMK Super Bright Cream 60ml

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DMK Super Bright is formulated to safely and effectively lighten and brighten stubborn pigmentation to leave skin clear, bright and healthy

A revolutionary blend of botanical ingredients working on the superior science of conversion. Super Bright provides the benefits of lightening by targeting pigmentation without the side effects of harmful toxins and does not make you more photosensitive. Suitable for hyperpigmentation, dark, dull or sun damaged skins.

Free from bleaching agents, this cream incorporates a blend of natural botanical ingredients that create a hydroquinine-like effect inside the skin, lightening, fading and inhibiting pigmentation without any side effects or harmful toxins. Contains arbutin, phytic acid and ursolic acid.


  • Innovative new technology in the treatment of pigmentation
  • Super bright is a superior blend of natural botanical ingredients,
  • Utilising breakthrough science with the art of conversion
  • It creates a hydroquinone-like effect inside the epidermis and provides the benefits of lightening, eliminating and inhibiting pigmentation.


  • Niacinamide
  • Phytic acid
  • Ursolic Acid