Skingredients The CleanS-PF Combo Gift Set (Save €23)

Skingredients The CleanS-PF Combo Gift Set (Save €23)


Hydrating and Nourishing Cleanser & a Broad-spectrum light protection.

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Your MULTI-award-winning balancing cleanser + broad spectrum, lightweight SPF protection (UVA, UBV + HEV) to nourish + protect. The two most essential products within any skincare recipe, the Skingredients® CleanS-PF Combo Gift Set provides the ideal top ‘n tail to your daily skincare regime. Cleanse + protect with a nourishing FULL-SIZE duo (ain’t no minis here) of the MULTI-award-winning PreProbiotic Hydrating Cleanse (100ml) + Skin Shield Moisturising + Priming SPF 50 PA+++ (JUMBO 73ml). Honorary member of the squad is your FREE bonus Cleanse Off Mitt - our hard-working, reusable cleansing tool, which makes light work of removing dirt, makeup, SPF + pollution!

Creating a clean and nourished canvas, PreProbiotic Cleanse Hydrating Cleanser (100ml) is a lightweight but hard-working cleansing lotion that hydrates skin with a soothing prebiotic-probiotic complex + skin-respectful PHA (aka polyhydroxy acid- Gluconolactone). Gentle enough for sensitive skins, it pairs perfectly with your free COM and deep cleanses your skin free of dirt, debris, SPF and makeup without stripping it of vital moisture. Your ESSENTIAL final AM step, Skin Shield Moisturising + Priming SPF 50 PA+++ is a lightweight, non-comedogenic mineral parasol that’ll shield (wink, wink) your skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays, blue light (HEV) emitted from the sun and our screens, pollution and infrared. Loaded with mineral non-nano zinc oxide + niacinamide, makeup artists adore Shield for its complexion enhancing capabilities, making it the ideal priming base! Recently described by Wayne Goss as “the holy grail of sunscreens.”

Buy now, reap the long-term rewards: The CleanS-PF Combo Gift Set contains x2 FULL-SIZE products (ain’t no minis here) + a bonus COM, which will last your giftee long into 2023! With a huge value-saving saving of 25% (worth value €92.50 | £83.00), each full-size product is curated for long-term skin health making it a worthy (sk)investment. 

Gift Set includes: PreProbiotic Hydrating Cleanser (100ml) + Skin Shield Moisturising + Priming SPF 50 PA+++ (JUMBO 73ml) + FREE Cleanse Off Mitt.

Who is it suitable for?

  • All hoomans – regardless of skin type.
  • Those with sensitive skin – mineral filters are generally well-tolerated by sensitive skins while prebiotics + probiotics work to hydrate + soothe the skin.
  • Those who want trusted MULTI-tasking products that deliver– – PreProbiotic Cleanse cleanses, hydrates + lightly exfoliates whilst taking care not to disrupt the skin barrier whileSkin Shield SPF 50 PA+++ is your broad-spectrum SPF, your antioxidant protection and blue-light protection, your moisturiser and your pre-makeup primer.
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