Yonka Paris For Men Foam Scrub 50ml

Yonka Paris

Yonka Paris For Men Foam Scrub 50ml

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This lightly foaming face scrub with bamboo extract and jojoba bead granules deeply cleanses and scrubs skin. It helps remove blackheads, purifies and lightens your complexion, shrinks dilated pores, and prevents ingrown hairs.
With its gel texture and fresh, 100% natural citrus and patchouli fragrance, this Foaming Face Scrub will become part of your weekly ‘soft-skin’ routine.


  • Contains 95% natural ingredients
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • The skin is soft and the complexion is brighter
  • Prevents ingrown hairs


  1. Once or twice a week, after cleansing with the Gel Mousse, apply the Scrub Mousse to damp skin.
  2. Lather the product with your fingertips, paying particular attention to the forehead, the sides of the nose and the chin.
    Avoid the eye area.
    Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry your face without rubbing.


Bamboo extract - Exfoliating 
Jojoba beads - Gentle exfoliating
Plant-based cleansing ingredients - Gentle cleansing
Iris - Softening/Moisturising/Purifying/Astringent
Citrus essential oil - Revitalising/Astringent
Quintessence Yon-Ka - Revitalising/ Renewing/ Cleansing/ Soothing/ Purifying/ Toning/ Regenerating/ Astringent