Yonka Paris Prolongateur de Bronzage - Tan Extender 150ml

Yonka Paris

Yonka Paris Prolongateur de Bronzage - Tan Extender 150ml

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A tan enhancer that’s both comforting and repairing, this face and body milk will extend your tan without requiring any extra sun exposure. A tan will progressively appear and reaches the deepest colour after five days. Polyphenols from three teas and vitamins E, A and B5 enrich this formula, making it as hydrating, soothing and regenerating as possible. To enhance your skin’s beautiful glow, use this Tan Extender with its iridescent golden flecks for a lovely, refined look.


  • Contains 91% natural ingredients
  • Hydrates and soothes
  • Leaves pretty, golden, and iridescent colour on your skin
  • Extends your tan


  1. For an even skin tone, precede the application of the Tanning Prolonger with a facial scrub with a Yon-Ka Scrub.
    For the body, choose Gommage doux Detox or Gommage aux sucres Vitalité. Focus on rough areas, elbows and knees.
    Make sure that your skin is perfectly moisturised beforehand.
  2. Massage the product into the skin.

    Notes: The extender can be used :
    - as a progressive self-tanner or
    - as a tan extender when the tan is established.
    The tan will be at its maximum after 5 days of daily application.

    Important: wash your hands with soap and water after application.


Polyphenols from three teas - Antioxidant
Vitamin E and A - Regenerating/Antioxidant/Protecting
Imperata Cylindrica - Long-lasting hydration
Grapeseed oil - Restructuring/Nourishing/Repairing