Dr. Levy Décolletage Regenerating Silk 50ml
Dr. Levy Décolletage Regenerating Silk 50ml
Dr. Levy Décolletage Regenerating Silk 50ml

Dr. Levy

Dr. Levy Décolletage Regenerating Silk 50ml

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The décolletage area is the first to show the signs of premature photo-ageing, caused by UV-light DNA damage on this particularly fragile skin. Combined with our patented ArganCellActiv® stem cell formula, the award-winning Décolletage Regenerating Silk also includes the exclusive StressCellRepairTM complex, based on a DNA-repair technology rewarded by the 2015 Nobel Prize of Chemistry.

  • Contains concentrated anti-ageing ingredients
  • Adds a wrinkle-blurring mattifying, silky texture
  • Wrinkle depth decreases by up to 26%
  • Skin density improves over 12%
  • With exclusive StressCellRepair

Dr. LEVY Switzerland Décolletage Regenerating Silk is uniquely formulated to provide deep, long-term rejuvenating effects, as well as help correct and slow the visible signs of ageing. It has been proven to stimulate the very source of peptides, fatty acids and vitamins to quickly combat crepiness, restore suppleness and practically eliminate fine lines.

The addition of StressCellRepair Complex – with DNA Repair Enzymes, alongside antioxidants, retinol and vitamin PP – then accelerates healing to undo damage caused by daily exposure to both UV and pollutants.

How to use:

  1. Apply once every 2 days (maximum) for 5-10 days.
  2. After 5-10 days, you can progressively increase frequency to once a day (for another 5-10 days), then twice a day.