Environ Skin EssentiA Vita Antioxidant AVST1 Moisturiser 50ml


Environ Skin EssentiA Vita Antioxidant AVST1 Moisturiser 50ml

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Environ AVST 1 Moisturiser is the first step in the award winning anti-ageing range moisturiser for the AVST step-up system. AVST 1 contains the base level of vitamin A and 7 powerful antioxidants to combat free radicals, repair and rejuvenate skin.

The AVST moisturisers are the "core" component for your Environ regime, suitable for all skin types and for day and night time use. Depending on your skin type there is potential to use add-on Environ products to enhance the regime to tackle pigmentation, broken capillaries etc.


  • Contains vitamin A to normalise the skin. Assists with the repair of free radical damage in the form of sun damage, fine lines and pigmentation.
  • Aids in the repair and restoration of skin cells, resulting in a more youthful complexion with a smoother texture and a radiant, healthy glow. 
  • Preservative and fragrance free. 


Contains essential antioxidants including vitamin A, C & E, resveratrol and beta-carotene.


  1. After pre-cleansing, cleansing & toning, apply Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moistuiriser 1.
  2. Massage into the face & neck.
  3. Use morning & evening.
  4. Use a minimum of 2 bottles before progressing to Vita Antixoidant AVST 2.