Environ Silk Eye Mask


Environ Silk Eye Mask

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This miraculous mask is perfect for taking on your travels and reducing lines caused by frowning in your sleep.

Getting the recommended 6-8 hours a night allows your body to revive skin through a process called Microcirculation. While you're resting your body circulates more more blood & oxygen to your skin repairing damage & building necessary cells. 

Aside from waking you up, light and disturbances can cause you to frown at night, contributing to lines and wrinkles. To defy this ageing danger and ensure that your beauty sleep remains utterly uninterrupted, Environ Silk Eye Mask shields your eyes in the most gentle, comfortable way possible.


  • Silk is a naturally soft fibre that is smooth on your skin, helping to prevent wrinkles and marks.
  • It is naturally breathable and hypoallergenic, helps keep skin moisturised and helps the products that you put on your skin before going to bed work overnight.
  • Spa Effect: Using silk on skin is recommended by dermatologists and beauty experts as an anti-ageing solution.