Medik8 Clarifying Foam Travel Size 40ml
Medik8 Clarifying Foam Travel Size 40ml
Medik8 Clarifying Foam Travel Size 40ml


Medik8 Clarifying Foam Travel Size 40ml

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Refreshing AHA/BHA Blemish Cleanser 40ml

A lightly exfoliating AHA/BHA foaming cleanser, designed to visibly decongest and purify skin to reduce the appearance of imperfections.

This deeply purifying, antibacterial foaming cleanser unclogs pores and lightly exfoliates the skin without causing dryness or irritation.
  • Work in synergy to promote a visibly clear and perfected complexion that is less prone to breakouts. 
  • Softly detoxify the skin.

  • The lightweight, pH-balanced foaming cleanser avoids the common pitfall of blemish products; skin is never left feeling dry or tight.

Over time, tone and texture of skin is significantly improved.

Salicylic Acid. Decongesting and exfoliating from within the pore, this BHA breaks down the clogged oil and skin cells which could cause blemishes.

L-Mandelic Acid. A softly exfoliating AHA with BHA power, mandelic acid is able to work both on the surface of the skin and within pores for a deep but gentle exfoliation.

Niacinamide. Otherwise known as vitamin B3, this anti-inflammatory gently soothes the skin, while hydrating and supporting the natural skin barrier.

Tea Tree Oil. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil helps to keep complexions clear and blemish-free.

  1. Every morning and evening, pump Clarifying Foam into the palm of the hand and massage into moistened face and neck. 

  2. Gently remove foam by splashing with water and pat face dry.