Medik8 Intelligent Retinol 3TR 15ml
Medik8 Intelligent Retinol 3TR 15ml
Medik8 Intelligent Retinol 3TR 15ml
Medik8 Intelligent Retinol 3TR 15ml


Medik8 Intelligent Retinol 3TR 15ml

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Supercharged Vitamin A Serum

There’s retinol, and then there’s Intelligent Retinol. With supercharged retinol activity whilst remaining gentle on the skin, this performance-enhanced vitamin A serum is available in 3 strengths. The lightweight yet moisturising, squalane-based serum is supercharged with retinol-booster climbazole to keep it working for longer; enhancing the anti-ageing results.

  • Intelligent Retinol ™ 3TR is recommended for those new to vitamin A, or as an upgrade from Night Ritual Vitamin A.
  • The Intelligent formulas are enhanced with climbazole, a proven retinol-booster. Increased retinol activity, for more power but without any added irritation.
  • Retinol is gradually delivered to the skin with Time Release Technology, to enhance skin comfort when using retinol while prolonging the effects overnight.
  • The Intelligent Retinol serum is enriched with emollient oil squalane, which leaves the skin nourished and helps to support the integration of retinol into a skincare regime. 
Retinol helps to decongest pores and regulate sebum production for a clearer looking complexion. Formulated with Time Release Technology, retinol is delivered gradually into the skin throughout the night to ensure maximum results and minimum irritation.

Retinol 0.3% - The classic form of vitamin A helps to boost collagen levels and enhance the skin’s natural regenerative cycle, leaving skin looking smooth, even-toned and youthful.

Climbazole - Climbazole has been found to boost the activity of retinoids in the skin to give the power of higher percentages without the irritation. 

Squalane - A natural emollient; squalane helps to restore the skin’s natural defence barrier while deeply hydrating the skin.

Vitamin E - An oil-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E can quench free radicals on the skin while stabilising retinol for optimal power.

  1. After cleansing in the evening, massage 4 drops of Intelligent retinol across the face, neck and décolletage.

  2. Follow with your regular Medik8 moisturiser. 

  3. Retinol application should be phased in gradually. Use twice a week for the first 2 weeks, every other night for the next 2 weeks, then every night.

  4. Consult a doctor if breastfeeding or pregnant. You should always use a sunscreen in the morning while using vitamin A.