Medik8 Intelligent Retinol Eye TR 7ml

Medik8 Intelligent Retinol Eye TR 7ml

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Supercharged Eye Vitamin A Serum

An advanced vitamin A night serum that uses a specialised time-release delivery system to care for the delicate eye area.

  • Improves skin texture and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • The fragrance-free serum sinks into skin quickly, leaving a soft and hydrated complexion. 

  • The light, fast-absorbing serum allows retinol to be delivered gradually throughout the night into the deeper layers of the skin. This ensures maximum results without overwhelming or irritating skin. 

  • A high-performance eye serum that works while you sleep to speed up the natural exfoliation process.
Improves skin texture and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area.

0.1% Retinol - Pure vitamin A helps to boost collagen levels, enhance the skin’s natural regenerative cycle, leaving skin looking even and youthful.

Vitamin E - An oil-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E can quench free radicals on the skin while stabilising retinol for optimal power.

Climbazole - Climbazole has been found to boost the activity of retinoids in the skin to give the power of higher percentages without irritation.


  1. After cleansing in the evening, use the spatula-style applicator to sweep a small amount of Intelligent Retinol Eye TR across the under-eye and brow bone, avoiding eyelids

  2. Gently blend.

  3. Retinol application should be phased in gradually. Use twice a week for the first 2 weeks, every other night for the next 2 weeks, then every night.

  4. Consult a doctor if breastfeeding or pregnant.

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