TAN ORGANIC Exfoliate & Tan Duo Tanning Glove
TAN ORGANIC Exfoliate & Tan Duo Tanning Glove

Tan Organic

TAN ORGANIC Exfoliate & Tan Duo Tanning Glove

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Have you ever gone to put your tan on and forgot to exfoliate in the shower? Haven't we all? Now with this amazing Exfoliate & Tan Duo Tanning Glove you can quickly exfoliate last minute with a dry exfoliation and then flip the glove to apply your favourite tan with the soft luxurious glove on the other side. If you want to be innovative like TanOrganic then you can exfoliate while you tan as under the exfoliating sponge you will still be stain protected. This amazing WORLD FIRST patent pending glove is just another time saver application perfecting tool.

Benefits of product use: 

    • Exfoliation is key for the perfect tan application and ensures a perfect wear off.
    • Eliminates dead cells promoting much needed skin regeneration.
    • Exfoliate old tan with one side of the glove and apply new tan with the other side.
    • The luxurious soft glove side allows for the perfect self-tan application & protects the skin from staining and ensures a streak-free application.

    75% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 5% Latex