Yonka Paris Elixir Vital 30ml
Yonka Paris Elixir Vital 30ml

Yonka Paris

Yonka Paris Elixir Vital 30ml

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This facial serum is the multi-regenerating SOS treatment for skin in distress. It is highly recommended after extreme tiredness, excess sun exposure, emotional stress...Highly concentrated in plant extracts, Elixir Vital is rich in 19 vitalizing amino acids and a nutritive, soothing and anti-ageing vitamin cocktail. A true serum of youth, it will bring its healing, sebum regulating and soothing benefits, allowing tired skin to revitalize itself and quickly regain a clearer and smoother appearance.


  • Contains 92% natural ingredients
  • Repairs and revitalises deficient and tired skins
  • Leaves skin soothed and regenerated
  • Has light texture and absorbs quickly


  1. Morning and/or evening, cleanse/ remove make-up carefully from your face and mist the appropriate Yon-Ka Lotion.
  2. Shake the bottle of Elixir Vital well before use, then apply 2 to 3 pumps to the face, neck and décolleté. Massage into the skin.

    Note: Elixir Vital can be used as a cure, replacing the usual treatment.


Beech tree bud and soy peptides - Restructuring/Revitalising/Hydrating
Cereal germ oils - Regenerating/Nourishing/Protecting
Vitamin B5, vitamin PP - Soothing/Softening
Vitamin E - Protecting/Regenerating/Antioxidant
Quintessence Yon-Ka - Revitalising/ Renewing/ Cleansing/ Soothing/ Purifying/ Toning/ Regenerating/ Astringent