Yonka Paris Huile Detox Dry Body Oil 100ml

Yonka Paris

Yonka Paris Huile Detox Dry Body Oil 100ml

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This natural Detox Oil, with aromatic essences of lavender and helichrysum nourishes the skin intensely.
Rich but light and quickly absorbed, it preserves the youthfulness of the epidermis thanks to sesame and baobab oils and detoxifies the skin under the action of pistachio lentisque. Recommended at each change of season and during a detox cure, this dry oil allows you to get dressed quickly after application. It leaves the skin soft and satiny and envelops the body with the relaxing and balancing scent of the Provençal scrubland.


  • Contains 99,9% natural ingredients
  • Nourishes deeply
  • Leaves skin softer and suppler
  • Works well during a detox treatment
  1. Morning and/or evening, spray Huile Detox Dry Oil all over the body.
  2. Massage into the skin.


Lavender essential oil - Regenerating/Balancing/Refreshing/Calming
Helichrysum essential oil - Draining
Petitgrain essential oil - Relaxing/Soothing
Mastic tree resin - Stimulating
Organic sesame oil - Restructuring/Nourishing
Organic virgin baobab oil - Nourishing/Softening/Protecting/Anti-dehydrating/Antioxidant