Yonka Radiance Collection Gift Set


Yonka Radiance Collection Gift Set

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Elevate your skincare routine with the Yonka Paris Radiance Collection Gift Set, meticulously crafted to unveil revitalized, smoother, and deeply nourished skin. This ritual is your secret to achieving a brighter, more radiant complexion while effectively smoothing the appearance of wrinkles.

This Set Contains:

Lotion YonKa PS (50ml): offers a veil of freshness to balance and prepare the skin for your daily beauty routine. Diffused in very fine drops, this phyto-aromatic beauty mist gives a real boost to the epidermis any time of the day.

Serum C20 Vitamin C (5ml): is a super-powerful serum combines 20% of a new-generation vitamin C with 1.5 million native turmeric and pomegranate cells to ensure visible and proven effectiveness from 5 days.

Glyconight 10% Masque (50ml): is a clean peel that gives skin new life. It has a proven triple-action effectiveness: anti-ageing, new skin appearance and radiance. Inspired by chemical peels, this mask is formulated with 10% glycolic acid so you can safely perform a peel at home.