Yonka Sensitive Creme Peaux Sensibles 50ml

Yonka Sensitive Creme Peaux Sensibles 50ml

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Replacing Yonka Creme 83. Conceived from uniting corrective care and a cosmetic effect, this 2 in 1 cream is so effective it will impact the life of those afflicted with redness prone and reactive skins. Its main asset: an all-new formula rich in centella asiaticia and mirabilis jalpa (Marvel of Peru) to regulate inflammation and vascular dilation. 

They visibly reduce the appearance of the capillaries, skin reactiveness and redness, whether it is sudden or permanent, diffuse or localised. In addition, to ensure immediate effect this colour correcting formula contains natural green pigments that visibly blur redness. This cream is formulated without perfume nor essential oils. 

Even complexion, soothed skin

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